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We utilize over eighteen years of experience in the business of cultural education. The word Aux Sable is actually a French word meaning sandy, referring to the beach type of area by many creeks and rivers, a part of the daily lives of the Native Americans.

The Aux Sable Company, as represented by Louis P. Aiello, has presented the Native American Traveling Museum at places such as The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, and Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Illinois. Our Native American Traveling Museum has also traveled an area from northern Minnesota to St. Louis, Missouri , bringing our unique method of education to these areas. Please see Services for a detailed view of all of our educational programs and services.

Our educational school programs, as well as our products are designed and constructed with accuracy, authenticity and adherence to the archaeological record. We have received numerous awards and have been cited many times for our work in this field. The Aux Sable Company has appeared at such places as The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. 

Aux Sable Company is maintained by Louis P. Aiello. Having worked in the field of cultural education for ten years, The Aux Sable Company was started in 1991 as an independent source for preserving the cultural heritage of the Native American Culture. Lou has received many awards for his work in this field and holds a Bachelors Degree in Biology. 

Constructing a Native American cattail leaf mat Wigwam