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Are you tired of paying high prices for Native American items that are actually made in Hong Kong and China? Have you purchased a Dreamcatcher made from a plastic or metal hoop? Well, we're here to help.

We can make a special Dreamcatcher for you at a reasonable price. We can make a Dreamcatcher of any size, with or without a beaded edge, and send it in a gift box as well. Our Dreamcatchers are made in the traditional manner with real wooden hoops from tree branches (not plastic or metal hoops). Our beaded Dreamcatchers are made with real glass trade beads also. We offer the tradional dream web design which is shaped like an orb web or the modern Dreamcatcher with its spiral shape.

Dreamcatchers make great gifts for Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthdays or any special occasions. They also make great Christmas tree ornaments too!

Varieties of Dreamcatcher styles available

Beaded Dreamcatcher w/ bone feather

4" - 6" Diameter, available with or without beaded edge (6" Dreamcatcher w/ beaded edge and hand carved bone feather shown above)

Price: 4" - 6" Diameter: un-beaded edge - $7.00

Price: 4" - 6" Diameter: beaded edge - $9.00

Dreamcatcher w/ feather

6" - 8" Diameter available with or without beaded edge (8" Dreamcatcher w/feather shown above)

Price: 6" - 8" Diameter: un-beaded edge - $9.00

Price: 6" - 8" Diameter: beaded edge - $12.00

Dreamcatcher w/ Wild Turkey feather

8" - 10" Diameter available with or without beaded edge (9" Dreamcatcher w/Wild Turkey feather shown above)

Price: 8" - 10" Diameter: un-beaded edge - $11.00

Price: 8" - 10" Diameter: beaded edge - $14.00

10" - 12" Diameter available with or without beaded edge (not pictured)

Price: 10" - 12" Diameter: un-beaded edge - $13.00

Price: 10" - 12" Diameter: beaded edge - $16.00

Shipping & Handling on all Dreamcatchers: $1.00/ea

***Please Contact Us about Custom Sizes, Styles and Designs***

***Wholesale Inquires are Invited (please contact us)***

Dreamcatcher Kit

Perhaps you would like to make your own Dreamcatcher. We sell Dreamcatcher kits. Each kit comes with all the materials you will need to complete your own special Dreamcatcher, including step by step instructions. Having your own special Dreamcatcher gives you a good feeling and a sense of accomplishment.

Dreamcatcher kit Dreamcatcher kit includes hoop, sinew and instructions

Price: $3.00/ea

Shipping: $0.50/per kit

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