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Here you will find a variety of the types of items available for purchase. All of these items  are authentic reproductions of games, tools and Dreamcatchers that are germane to the Native Americans of the Eastern Woodland Culture (pre-European contact). Each item is handmade by Aux Sable Company using natural materials, exactly as they were produced by the Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands some four hundred years ago! 

Doubleball set   Hoop & Ball game

Native American Game Set (Doubleball & Hoop & Ball pictured above)

A set of authentically reproduced Native American games that provides hours of fun. Includes the following games: Hoop & Ball, Thong Toss game, Double Ball, Football, Kickbag and The Hunting Game.

Dreamcatcher   Dreamcatcher


Catch a dream of your own with one of our many varieties of handmade authentic Dreamcatchers.

Shut the Box gameShut the Box game

Additional Items

You might find it interesting to peruse this area for some unusual offerings such the authentic French colonial game "Shut the box" or a dice game called "Shoot The Moon"

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