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Native American Traveling Museum


 Displays from the Native American Traveling Museum. Shown here, in order, are: 1) Knives 2) Native American Tupperware 3) Personal Items, 4) Weapons

Aux Sable Company's Native American Traveling museum concentrates on the culture of the Native American tribes of the Great Lakes region before contact with Europeans. The historical period represented by the museum is the Mississippian Historical period (800 - 1600 A.D.). Included in our exhibit are the foods, medicines, tools, technologies, games, clothing, weapons and shelter of these tribes.

What makes the traveling museum unique is that it comes to your location and everything is hands-on. Nothing is locked behind a glass case. We believe in the expression used by a museum in Hamburg Germany which goes, "Grasping with the hand is grasping with the mind."

The Traveling Museum is available to all schools, historical societies, events or any educational institution. One of our staff accompanies the museum to assist in making the experience an interactive one.


  • Time to complete program: 2 - 2 1/2 hours

  • Number of students/programs: 80

  • Grade Levels: 2nd and above

  • Cost: $250.00/half-day or $300.00/full day

  • NOTE:
  • Program was originally conceived and written for the above grade levels. However we can make accommodations for lower grade levels and all age groups (Pre-School - High School)

  • A full day means we will do more than one program. When you hire us, we will stay as long as you want. Also, students will need to bring paper and pencil to the program.

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