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Native American Workshop

This workshop is designed to familiarize educators with the Native American Culture. It focuses on the Eastern Woodland Culture, circa 1600 A.D. This was just before the time of the European Contact with the tribes of the Illinois Country. The cultural legacy left to us by the Native American Indians has largely been ignored by our history books.


1 . To provide teachers with an opportunity to evaluate their knowledge versus traditional stereotyping of Native American Culture. 

2. To eliminate the "generic Indian" from our teaching.

3. To show the value of cultural literacy as a necessary addition to the educational process.

4. To show educators methods of brining the critical thinking process into a cultural experience in the classroom.

5. To demonstrate methods of bringing the critical thinking process into a cultural experience in the classroom.

6. To provide accessible, responsive support systems regarding materials and/or information (in other words, we are always available to help you)

Sessions of Native American Workshop:

The Workshop is divided into three sessions which are as follows:


  • Workshop Introduction

  • Discussion of Workshop Objectives

  • Chief Seattle Poem Self Test, Test Discussion

  • Tribes of the Chicago Region

  • Some Ideas for Passive Education

2nd Session - 3 Hours:

  • Tribal Division of Labor

  • Foods & Medicines

  • Manufacture of Clothing and Accouterments

  • Shelter

  • Hunting

  • Transportation

  • Review & Questions

3rd Session - 2 Hours:

  • Native American Games

  • Native American Stories

  • Building Critical Thinking Skills using Artifact Reproductions

  • Discussion of the Vision Quest

  • Final Review and Summary

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