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Shut the Box

Shut the Box Shut the Box
Shut the Box - 11" x 12.5"





This is your chance to own the game that became the rage of New France. Brought over to North America by French sailors out of Normandy, it soon became a popular parlor game among the bourgeois set. This handmade wooden game has nine dominoes numbered 1 - 9. The object is to roll the dice to close as many of the numbered boxes as you can. The player with the lowest total sum of unclosed boxes wins. The game has five levels of play.

Price: $15.00/ea, Shipping : $5.00, Item #: SB1

Shoot the Moon

Shoot the Moon

How can a simple game with five dice and a cup be so addictive? You'll find out one you play this game. This is a rousing French dice game where a player can go from 10,000 points to zero in one roll of the dice. It comes with the dice, authentic horn cup, real leather carrying pouch, scoring sheets and complete set of rules and is shipped in a drawstring pouch. A great game for parties!

Price: $15.00/ea, Shipping : $1.50, Item #: SM1

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