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Native American Game Set

How would you like a chance to own a set of unique games? This set of six Native American games are mostly germane to the tribes of the Eastern Woodland Culture. Each game is handmade and produced according to researched specifications. All are made from deer, elk, moose, or buffalo. Even the stuffing for the games is natural cattail flower down. A history of the games and instructions are included with each game set.

This Native American game set is a natural fit for any school, scout group, summer camp or youth organization. But even an individual can enjoy each of these games. Not only are they fun to play, but they are a part of history and culture.

We believe you can not find a handmade set of games like this anywhere else!

Each Native American Game Set includes: (click on pictures for larger view)

Hoop & Ball 2 Hoop & Ball games

Thong Toss 1 Thong Toss Game

Doubleball 1 Doubleball set (including 1 Doubleball & 4 sticks)

Football 1 Football

Kickbag 1 Kickbag

The Hunting Game (picture coming soon)

Price: $150.00 per game set, Shipping : $10.00, Item #: GS

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