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"To Build A Wigwam" DVD-Video

We are proud to announce the completion of our video titled "To Build a Wigwam ". We believe this 84 minute DVD-Video maybe the first of its kind. It is a video about the construction of a cattail mat wigwam. While most people are familiar with the teepee, few are familiar with this type of shelter.

The wigwam was used by many tribes from the East Coast to the Midwest. Tribes such as the Delaware, Ottawa, Potowatomi, Ojibwas, Kickapoo, Miami, Illinois, Sauk and Fox used this type of shelter.

This video offers viewers a glimpse of the past never seen before. It will take them through the entire process of constructing a cattail mat wigwam.

What makes this video unusual is that the wigwam will be entirely constructed with the tools used by Native American tribes of the pre-European contact period. Bone and stone tools are used during the construction process. The role of the women of the tribes are emphasized as well, giving a new appreciation for them.

This video is great for the home and is a great tool to use in the classroom of the school as an aid for teaching about Native American Culture. It is also a good addition to local historical societies wishing to cover the Native American culture into their presentation


Price: $10.00/each DVD-VIDEO Shipping : $3.95

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